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> > get somewhere between 3 and 7 times the harvest and packing cost back
> > in sales.  If a crop can not be sold for at least three times harvest
> > and packing cost, I avoid it.  I am happy getting 5x and thrilled to get
> The post above is a great bit of practical information. When I buy on the

Well, I'm pleased to have generated some interest!  Here are some more 
pricing "rules of thumb" that I use.

I hire people to do farmers markets for me; I pay them 20%-25% of 
sales, depending on the distance.  They generally drive my trucks and 
use my fuel.  I sell a lot of the same items to grocery stores that I 
sell at farmers markets; generally my grocery store price is about 1/2 
of my retail farmers market price.  Generally, grocery stores mark my 
products up about 100%, so the retail prices are about the same.  
Therefore, I end up with a bit more when selling at a farmers markets.  
That better price helps offset the risk of bringing home unsold product 
from farmers markets.

It is easiest for me to quantify harvest/packing costs on crops that 
have long continuous harvests: okra, asparagus, blackberries, peppers, 
spinach.  Crops that can be stored and slowly sold at farmers markets 
(potatoes, onions) have their own attraction.

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