[Market-farming] Pricing

Hook Family guldann at ix.netcom.com
Tue May 13 11:42:44 EDT 2003

Being primarily a  CSA farm I understand this problem.  I came to my prices
for my food coop veggies mostly from grocery store prices (easy to go to) or
once and awhile local farm stands (more acurate).  Last summer I thought the
prices in grocery store stayed fairly high ie tomatoes $2+ lb for a long
time.  People are so used to shopping in grocery stores I had no problem
keeping my prices as high.

There are Terminal (wholesale) market prices online but I haven't bookmarked
them so can't give you a address.  Think you can get there via USDA but I
don't find that page very user friendly.

There is a new web page from Rodale is it

www.newfarm.org or .com?

They have some prices.


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