[Market-farming] trellising tomatoes

Hook Family guldann at ix.netcom.com
Mon May 12 12:58:59 EDT 2003

My hubby only likes to deal with indeterminate tomatoes so that is all I
started this year.  I grew a few ind in cages last few years pain.   He
trellis: two very strong post at either end of 100 foot row.  These posts
have two wire supports that come out tepee style attached to strong stakes
in ground.  On top of stakes is a metal wire every so often 12 feetish he
puts a standard wooden tomato stake just to hold up wire.  Tomatoes are
planted in a double row every 18-24 inches.  Each plant is tied to the above
metal wire.  It is pruned of its suckers, a twine is tied to bottom and
wound spiraling up the stem and tied to wire.  Leave a bit of length in the
tie so that as the plant grows its untied from the wire and the new
length/growth is wound and retied.

Beth ps there is a pic on the market farm page in my CSA article.

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