[Market-farming] Trellising tomatoes and BER

Steve Sando steve at mrlucky.com
Sun May 11 12:49:33 EDT 2003

> The link that Steve sent (below) has good discussions on trellising and
> I would like to add (IMHO) that it seems to be a good practice to put a
> twist knot every third or fourth stake, when trellising.  As always, one
> a few strings break every year, and the twist knots keep the whole thing
> from going.

I forgot to menton that I use "u" stakes for the poles. They're long and in
different sizes but if you look down on them from the top when staked, the
metal is beant like a "U". Does that make sense? I like them because they
are sturdy and they are notched and have holes, so connecting the poles with
twine (plastic) is a breeze.

In order to be green I once did this with natural twine and the whole thing
sagged and finally broke!

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