[Market-farming] Planting tiny seeds

Tim Davis tdavis at johnnyseeds.com
Fri May 9 14:50:10 EDT 2003

Hi Marie,

Please don't go blind...  I'll answer a couple of your questions.

The One-Row Pinpoint Seeder can be pushed or pulled, all the others work
best if pulled.  The Glazer can be mounted to a wheel hoe and pushed -
works best if you use 3 Glazer seeders.  One side note (so I avoid hate
mail), these seeders work best with well prepared, trash/debris free
soil surfaces.  Extra efforts in bed preparations make all the

As for the Seed Sower, it's wonderful, we use it a lot this time of year
both in the greenhouses and in the field.  It just depends on how much
you plan on planting.

One other suggestion, if you plan on direct seeding, you might try the
Earthway seeder.

Tim Davis
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Regards to the list:

I am going blind trying to plant those tiny little Pac Choi seeds one in
each cell!  Plus all the other tiny seeds.  Maybe I should buy a pin
point seeder and just direct plant in the garden?  What about that
little seed sower planter in Johnny's that costs $4.95?  Would it save
my sight and/or my mind?  What about that Glaser seeder?  I can see
myself falling over backwards if I have to pull it along the row?  I
wonder if the handle could be reversed and one could push it along.

I'm sure this topic has been visited before, but somehow, I can't
remember any of it.  What does everyone use?  Anyone care to comment on
the various tools above?

Marie in Missouri

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