[Market-farming] blossom end rot

Steve Sando steve at mrlucky.com
Fri May 9 10:55:40 EDT 2003

> Trellising in & of itself does not cause BER.  Trellising DOES disturb the
> roots, which sets up a domino effect of cutting off water intake to the
> plant, which cuts off calcium absorption.  Since so much water is
> from the leaves, thus a loss of calcium for the fruit, more calcium must
> applied...if that's the cause.

I've never had it except for San Marzano plum tomotoes! All of them had it.
And all the toms (about 25 varieties) were grown under the same conditions.
So I wonder how much of it is in the plants, too. Maybe these plums (my
Sarnos were fine) are suseptible to BER.


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