[Market-farming] Organizing seeds and planting

Rose and Fred Lieberman pyrite at clarityconnect.com
Fri May 9 13:29:35 EDT 2003

How do you all organize your seeds?  Purely alphabetically and have a calendar handy with planting dates?  Do you use a special type of calendar with notations on it?  Do you run a spreadsheet of what goes in/out when?

I'd really appreciate some input and help on this.  I have so many seeds - old and new - they all need different types of attention, such as:  direct sown or transplant early; after frost; succession planting; sown late and/or overwintered

I can usually handle anything "administrative", but when I look at all these seeds, I almost seem to glaze over.  Most likely because I'm afraid I'm going to miss something, like a succession planting, or a post-bug planting.

I need the process to be simple, straightforward, efficient.



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