[Market-farming] blossom end rot

Bill Bradshaw eastexfarms at direcway.com
Fri May 9 08:56:17 EDT 2003

> I keep coming across comments that trellising tomatoes also increases the
> threat of blossom end rot (I never noticed this in my own tomatoes). I
> understand blossom end rot is the result of a lack of calcium or low
> of calcium to potassium and nitrogen.  I also know that trellising
> tomatoes slightly.  Would stress, trellising, inhibit moisture uptake by
> plant, thereby decreasing calcium availability to plant tissues, thereby
> increasing blossom end rot??  I'm having a hard time making the connection
> between trellis stress and blossom end rot.
> Liz Pike
> Laughingbrook Farm
> Westfield NC
> http://www.marketfarming.com
> http://www.laughingbrookfarm.com
> We have been spraying Calcium Chloride rate 4 pounds to 100 gallons of
water. Spraying on pepper and tomatoes. I think it helps. Bill Bradshaw
Cherokee Co. Texas
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