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Welcome Floyd, glad you made the switch. The martin yellow belly  watermelon seed you sent me are doing fine. We are needing rain also. But have been running lots of drip tape. I think you will enjoy this list. Bill Bradshaw Cherokee Co. Texas
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  I have just joined the list. My name is Floyd Boyett and I live in Lumberton, Texas.  (Southeast Texas)  I am retired and garden / farm as a hobby and have sold a small amount of goods and produce.  I grow sugar cane and make syrup the old fashion way.  You can see this by clicking on http://www.syrupmakers.com/boyett/ .  I also started growing yellow meat watermelons last year and had so many I had to sell some and found it a lot of fun.  I just planted 400 hills and if it ever rains again I should be setting on the side of the road by first of July.  Looking forward to meeting you on the list.

  Floyd Boyett 


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