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Floyd and Bobee floydandbobee at ih2000.net
Thu May 8 21:55:18 EDT 2003


I have just joined the list. My name is Floyd Boyett and I live in Lumberton, Texas.  (Southeast Texas)  I am retired and garden / farm as a hobby and have sold a small amount of goods and produce.  I grow sugar cane and make syrup the old fashion way.  You can see this by clicking on http://www.syrupmakers.com/boyett/ .  I also started growing yellow meat watermelons last year and had so many I had to sell some and found it a lot of fun.  I just planted 400 hills and if it ever rains again I should be setting on the side of the road by first of July.  Looking forward to meeting you on the list.

Floyd Boyett 
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