[Market-farming] Pick your own strawberry operation.

Franklin W. Davis Parsons2 at attbi.com
Thu May 8 05:45:24 EDT 2003

  Hi Don...ayup...going to start small with our market farming. PYO is just
one of the things we are considering. Right now we are clearing land...what
a grunt..:-)...will rent an excavator and stump it myself. My son,daughter
and I are trying to do our home work and get our ducks lined up before we do
anything. Our back ground in growing has only been serious home growing...so
there is alot to learn..:-) Tnx for the info...Franklin
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> Hello Franklin and the rest of the list
>  We market about 1/4 of our strawberries through
> u-pick, our goal is about 50 50 u-pick fresh market.
> We have a higher profit margin on the berries that we
> pick and sell at our stand, but it seems it gets
> harder each year to find reliable help to pick. We
> also find the u-pick folks will pick the field cleaner
> then we do for our already picked premium berries.
> I've seen market studies saying the u-pick market is
> on a decline, but we feel that if there is the right
> advertising and promotions you can still bring folks
> to your farm for u-pick. As Del stated a good
> liability policy is important.
>  A little advice on growing berries, I would never
> attempt it without a good irrigation system, we use an
> overhead system because of frost control here in NY,
> but if frost is not a concern then drip would be more
> efficient. It's best to start small and  grow into
> your market. Also berries are very labor intensive,
> especially if growing them organic.
> Don Palmer western NY
> Palmer's Fruits & Vegetables
> www.palmersfarm.com
> --- "Franklin W. Davis" <Parsons2 at attbi.com> wrote:
> >   Hi all...would like to hear good/bad about pick
> > your own strawberry operation. Am not starting one
> > now...but am trying to do my home work before I do
> > decide to jump in...:-) Thought some folks on the
> > list might be operating one...and could give me some
> > advice.  Franklin
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