[Market-farming] Re: GP's and garbage

velta Mack velta at viclink.com
Wed May 7 23:49:31 EDT 2003

> Speaking of GP....ours keeps bringing up trash.  I let it slide until
> today....someone's nasty snuff bottle (used, grosssss!!!!!!) and a dirty
> diaper (even grossssseeerrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!)   Now I don't know whether to let
> the wild critters take the livestock or keep playing garbage man (I fear
> he'll drag up bones from somewhere in the hollar).
Pyrs really are something, aren't they?  When I was having my hay barn
built, anything the workers would put down would get carried off - sacks of
nails, pop bottles, ropes.  They thought it was funny at first but after a
couple of days the guys were getting a little irritated.  I just told them
not to leave anything on the ground!

One day when Bucky, my first dog was about a year old, a guy came over and
asked if I had seen a couple of men's athletic shoes.  No.  He said when he
visits my neighbor, he takes his shoes off and leaves them on the porch.
Bucky left a goose egg and took his left shoe.  The next week, he did the
same thing - left shoe again.  He said "Now I have 2 right shoes and no
lefts! and 2 rotten goose eggs!"  Bucky later brought one of the shoes into
the barn, in good condition- but we never did find the other one.

My young dog recently drug up a 20' length of black plastic pipe that was
next to a spring at the far end of my property (about a thousand feet away).
She is always bringing up sticks and old bones.  Bucky even went out across
a busy highway to drag home the old carcass of a deer that had been hit on
the road.

Wonderful dogs!  Lots of fun too.

Velta Mack - Sialia Llamas - Sheridan, OR - velta at viclink.com

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