[Market-farming] Pick your own strawberry operation.

Del Williams delannw at dlogue.net
Wed May 7 20:59:37 EDT 2003

You are going to need a large liability policy if you are going to let
people pick on your farm.

There are people who let their kids run around like animals.  I see that
even in the business I am working in now.  We get people who let their kids
act like jerks and they are a danger to themselves.  Still, if they get
hurt, it's going to be a probable lawsuit.

Figure that some of your customers are going to eat along the way.  Or hide
what they pick.  It's nuts.  Heck, I don't know if I could resist eating a
berry or 12.

I dunno, I think U Pick is a pain in the butt.  How does that stack up to
hiring workers to pick for you and lining up commercial buyers?

Del Williams
(lol.. so much for Farmer in the Del)
Country Fruit and Florals
Kankakee, IL

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