[Market-farming] tomato seedlings

Jim Woodyard mwjw at swbell.net
Tue May 6 23:57:27 EDT 2003

Marie, I recall your original post but didn't respond.  I thought at the
time that I don't recall ever seeing any very small tomato seedlings that
were not a bluish purple on the stems.
Speaking of rain or in our case lack of it, I think we must be in a 'no
rain' zone.  It passes to the south, to the north, west and east but never
here.  Things are still green but if we don't get a good rain soon they
won't stay that way long.   My sweet corn and peas may never come up.  JimW.

Marie Kamphefner wrote:

> Regards to the list:
> A while back I asked about feeding tomato seedlings that were purple
> under the leaves and purple stems.  Steve Sando said they would be fine.
> Others said to feed them.  Well, I picked out a test flat and started
> feeding it once a week with fish emulsion.  I didn't feed the other 6
> flats of the same variety.  Right now, they all look exactly the same.
> They have all turned green and they're the same size.  They're
> beautiful!  We brought all the plants to the basement the evening the
> tornados were destroying Missouri.  The worst we got was about 5 seconds
> of pea-sized hail.
> Looks like we'll be getting bees in the next couple of weeks.  I both
> dread and look forward to having bees.
> I've been thinking about those on the list who started the new farmers'
> market in the Brookside neighborhood of Kansas City.  How's it all
> going, gang?
> Marie in Missouri
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