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Wed May 7 09:05:52 EDT 2003

On Wed, May 07, 2003 at 07:42:57AM -0400, Liz Pike wrote:
> Yes, Allan they're called bread racks. You might be able to pick up some
> cheap right away from local bread suppliers, who also give away/sell the
> trays  which are useful for washing & draining produce without having to
> handle each individual piece.

I use cnep crates for the same purpose.  These are the fairly heavy, 
open top, fold down side, things that are showing up in produce 
channels now.  I find them most useful for potatoes; I just pick 
potatoes into them, hose them off, and store them.  Last year, I made 
the mistake of hauling them out of the fields stacked about 6 high full 
of potatoes.  The bottom few crates collapsed, spilling potatoes all 
over the road.  They can be filled and stacked 8 or 10 high, but they 
won't travel while stacked that high.

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