[Market-farming] Flower Crop Rotations

S Brocaar sjfb at worldpath.net
Tue May 6 16:51:43 EDT 2003

Hello List,

I have a question about recommended flower crop rotations. I haven't seen
anything in the literature I've reviewed about this topic. I am guessing
that one should rotate plantings of flowers just as one should rotate
vegetable crops.

While I only plan on less than a quarter acre in flowers at this time (same
as last year), I would like to start off right. Growing "organically" so
will not use control methods contrary to organic methods.

Any recommendations or sources of info (especially internet)?

Weather wise, up here in Mount Washington Valley, NH, we are finally seeing
signs of spring - peepers, ice out of most ponds and lakes, grass turning
green, you know, all the good stuff. We are also mourning the recent loss of
our "Old Man of The Mountains" which fell sometime late last week.

Spent the morning, in a cold rain, transplanting my first lettuce crop of
the year, out to the field. Felt good to be out, rain and all, putting the
little plants in the ground.

Sandra Brocaar
Burnt Meadow Farm Secret Gardens
(sjfb at worldpath.net)

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