[Market-farming] tomato seedlings

Steve Sando steve at mrlucky.com
Tue May 6 13:12:22 EDT 2003

From: "Marie Kamphefner" <kampy at grm.net>
> Steve Sando said they would be fine.
> Others said to feed them.  Well, I picked out a test flat and started
> feeding it once a week with fish emulsion.  I didn't feed the other 6
> flats of the same variety.  Right now, they all look exactly the same.
> They have all turned green and they're the same size.  They're
> beautiful!  We brought all the plants to the basement the evening the
> tornados were destroying Missouri.  The worst we got was about 5 seconds
> of pea-sized hail.

That's great news, sister! On all counts.

Here our unseasonal rain is driving me nuts and I haven't had enough dry
days to dry out the soil to till or even transplant my seedlings. I am very
freaked out but pray we have a hot summer and they "catch up" to where they
should be.

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