[Market-farming] onions?

Wiediger, Alison awiediger at HART.k12.ky.us
Tue May 6 09:07:47 EDT 2003

Here's something to try:  We have a bread rack that we bought at a WalMart
auction.  It has plastic trays that slide in, and is on wheels.  We put
onions and garlic on the racks.  Air flow is great, and you can roll it into
protection if it rains or you have a heavy dew.  We also use it to "chit"
(presprout) potatoes, and dry sweaters in the winter.  Very versatile item,
and I think we paid about $20.00 for it (and yes, I know they belong to the
bakeries, but figure WalMart paid for them not being returned since they
were in the auction).  If you ever get a chance to acquire one - jump at it!

Alison Wiediger, Au Naturel Farm

> This year, the last onions I planted fell over first, about 2 weeks ago.  
> The first planted onions are just now starting to fall over.  The first 
> batch, I put un-clipped in cnep plastic crates that seem to have good 
> air circulation.  I put them in about one layer deep and stacked the 
> crates about eight high in a barn.  Close monitoring revealed that the 
> tops were molding and rotting after a few days, especially on the lower 
> crates.  So, I took a day off and clipped all the tops.  Right now, they 
> seem to be in good shape and we are selling them.  We are also selling 
> bunched onions, but ones that have not fallen over.

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