[Market-farming] tomato seedlings

Marie Kamphefner kampy at grm.net
Tue May 6 08:26:11 EDT 2003

Regards to the list:

A while back I asked about feeding tomato seedlings that were purple
under the leaves and purple stems.  Steve Sando said they would be fine.
Others said to feed them.  Well, I picked out a test flat and started
feeding it once a week with fish emulsion.  I didn't feed the other 6
flats of the same variety.  Right now, they all look exactly the same.
They have all turned green and they're the same size.  They're
beautiful!  We brought all the plants to the basement the evening the
tornados were destroying Missouri.  The worst we got was about 5 seconds
of pea-sized hail.  

Looks like we'll be getting bees in the next couple of weeks.  I both
dread and look forward to having bees.

I've been thinking about those on the list who started the new farmers'
market in the Brookside neighborhood of Kansas City.  How's it all
going, gang?

Marie in Missouri

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