[Market-farming] Viability of Sunflower seeds

Liz Pike liz at laughingbrookfarm.com
Sat May 3 17:49:55 EDT 2003

> It is absolutely beautiful outside today, and the soil is dry ....I am
thinking that you
> won't get in to check your computer and tell me about sunflower seed
> viability:^)

Hey Jill, the weather isn't that cooperative here ; ))

Rather than relying on standard viability records, you can find out more
accurately what you want by presprouting a few seeds yourself.  Soak 10-20
seeds overnight, place in a damp paper towel, then put them into a ziplock
bag.  The seeds that sprout will indicate your germination/viability
percentages.   If you can wait that long....otherwise, just plant them and
see what comes up ; ))

Liz Pike
Laughingbrook Farm
Westfield NC

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