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Guillermo Payet wrote:
> Hello Lucy and Eugene,
> Here's another good opportunity for your farm that we've been working on.
> This summer, working with Lollapalooza and with your farm -- if you
> are interested and if you are close to one of Lollapalooza's concerts --
> we'll be bringing fresh, local food to the rockin' masses.
> Every Lollapalooza concert this summer will feature a Lollapalooza Farmers'
> Market, offering --your products-- to the hungry hordes of concertgoers.
> See the attached press release (below) for the details, and if you are
> interested in participating, please contact Claudette Silver at
> cmsilver at lollapalooza.com.  And if you know of other farmers that might
> be interested, please do pass this email along!
> Also, following up on my recent Health Magazine email:  Health Mag was
> very interested in the event info that we sent them.  They will print
> only a couple from the list that we gave them, but promised to print a
> link to more events on our Web site from the article in their July/August
> edition.  To prepare for that, we've added an events calendar to
> LocalHarvest, and we now need your help populating it.  So if you have
> any events planned for this summer that you would like us to promote,
> just edit your LocalHarvest listing and add your events into our database
> from there.  We'll be promoting your events via the Web site, and via
> our "keep me posted" weekly emails to the thousands of people around
> the country that have signed up with us for updates on local food and
> farming related events.
>         Thanks for your participation
>         --G
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Join us for Lollapalooza's Farmers' Market - coming to a town near you!
> July and August 2003
> Come sell your organic produce at one of the summer's biggest traveling
> music festivals - Lollapalooza! (see listing of cities at end of this email)
> This year, Lollapalooza, in partnership with Localharvest.org, will present
> a farmer's market in every city we visit.  The goal of Lollapalooza's
> Organic Farmer's Market is to educate the public about the importance of
> buying local and organic and to provide an arena for local farmers to sell
> their ready-to-eat produce -  and we need your help! We would love to have
> you join us for the day and sell anything that's organic, good tasting and
> ready-to-eat. So summer fruits are perfect as well as nuts, fresh roasted
> corn on the cob, homemade sweets, pies and cookies.  We'd love to have you
> bring your fresh strawberries, grapes, nectarines, cherries, blackberries,
> watermelon, etc and more to sell at Lollapalooza!
> In case you don't know, Lollapalooza is an all day music festival whose fans
> are an eclectic bunch.  They come early and stay all day. They are dedicated
> to the music and excited to check out what1s new. Lollapalooza will feature
> up-and-coming band as well as headliners like Jane's Addiction, Audioslave
> and Incubus.  Lollapalooza will perform in outdoor amphitheaters and other
> venues across the United States this summer, and attendance at each show is
> expected between 15,000 – 30,000 patrons per day.
> Lollapalooza's Farmers' Market will help educate the public that:
> - Nearly 20 percent of the energy consumed in the U.S. goes into growing,
> processing and delivering the food we eat.
> - Most of our food travels hundreds of miles before it reaches us, and uses
> countless gallons of fossil fuels for transportation and electricity in
> the process.  A food system dependant on cheap energy is a weak link in
> the long term security of our food supply.
> - Unless our food is grown specifically on an organic farm, it's been
> grown using dangerous petrochemicals and pesticides – all before we even
> think about eating it.  Many family farms use organic methods as a way
> of caring about the long term health of their land and communities.
> - Most of your food dollar goes into the hands of a few large agribusiness
> conglomerates, while we continue to lose family farms at a fast pace.
> Buying from local farmers will help keep their farms profitable, reducing
> the pressure to sell their land, and helping keep our communities and diets
> diverse and healthy.
> As an organic farmer, you are already working on creating a healthy planet.
> Lollapalooza is hoping to help educate concert goers about the importance of
> organic farming and buying local, and provide healthy, good tasting fresh
> products to our concert goers.   Lollapalooza is also committed to reducing
> the waste produced at each show.  Should you decide to join us, please limit
> the disposable items (napkins, plastic utensils, cups, etc) you use with
> your goods. We can also provide you with resources to obtain biodegradable
> and recyclable utensils and paper products.
> Please be prepared to set up just as if you were selling at your local
> market.  Most spaces we have will be set up for the equivalent of a 10' X
> 10' space. If you need it, Lollapalooza can provide you with one table for
> you to use to sell your products, but we encourage you to bring your own
> small tent, tables, canopies, etc. to enhance your presentation.
> Although Lollapalooza is an all day and into the night event, the hours of
> the organic farmers market will be Noon – 6pm daily (exact time will vary
> slightly from show to show.) You will be able to set up approximately  3
> hours before show begins.
> The day rate to vend in Lollapalooza's organic farmer1s market is $50.  No
> commission or percentage will be taken on goods sold.
> Space is filling up quickly! Reserve your spot today!
> If you would like more information on participating in Lollapalooza's
> Farmers' Market, contact Claudette Silver at cmsilver at lollapalooza.com.
> Lollapalooza also wants to invite both local and national nonpofits working
> on issues of family farms, organic farming, and pesticide reform to table
> at Lollapalooza.  Please let us know if you have an organization in mind
> that fits the bill.
> 2003 Lollapalooza Tour Schedule   ( http://www.lollapalooza.com )
>  Grand Rapids, MI      Ionia County Fairgrounds           July 3
>  Indianapolis, IN      Verizon Wireless Music Center      July 4     
>  Minneapolis, MN       Target Center                      July 6
>  Kansas City, MO       Verizon Wireless Music Center      July 8     
>  St. Louis, MO         UMB Bank Pavillion                 July 9     
>  Milwaukee, WI         Marcus Amphitheatre                July 11
>  Chicago, IL           Tweeter Center                     July 12
>  Columbus, OH          Germain Ampitheatre                July 13
>  Cincinnati, OH        Riverbend Music Center             July 16
>  Detroit, MI           DTE Energy Music Theatre           July 18
>  Pittsburgh, PA        Post-Gazette Pavilion              July 19
>  Cleveland, OH         Blossom Music Center               July 20
>  Holmdel, NJ           PNC Bank Arts Center               July 23
>  Boston, MA            Tweeter Center                     July 25
>  Philadelphia, PA      Tweeter at the Waterfront          July 27
>  Virginia Beach, VA    Verizon Wireless Ampitheatre       July 30     
>  Washington, DC        Nissan Pavilion                    August 1
>  Raleigh, NC           ALLTEL Pavilion                    August 2     
>  Atlanta, GA           Hi Fi Buys Amphitheatre            August 3
>  W. Palm Beach, FL     Coral Sky Ampitheatre              August 5     
>  Dallas, TX            Smirnoff Music Centre              August 8     
>  San Antonio, TX       Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre      August 9     
>  Houston, TX           The Woodlands                      August 10     
>  Denver, CO            Fiddlers Green Amphitheatre        August 13     
>  Phoenix, AZ           Cricket Pavilion                   August 15*     
>  Los Angeles, CA       Glen Helen Blockbuster Pavilion    August 16   
>  San Diego, CA         Coors Amphitheatre                 August 17
>  San Francisco, CA     Shoreline Amphitheatre             August 19
>  Salt Lake City, UT    USANA Amphitheatre                 August 21   
>  Seattle, WA           White River Amphitheatre           August 23
>  Syracuse, NY          Vernon Down's Raceway              August 30     
> --
> Guillermo Payet
> L O C A L  H A R V E S T
> email: gpayet at localharvest.org
> http://www.localharvest.org
> http://www.oceangroup.com

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