[Market-farming] Frozen meat maximum holding time

Del Williams delannw at dlogue.net
Fri Jan 31 18:14:40 EST 2003


The processor who does the lambs for me every year puts my name, the date of
the processing and the cut on the packages.  They are wrapped in a good
quality plastic and then wrapped again (with a stamp that puts my name,
etc.... on the package) in white paper.  I assume that is a standard thing
with processors.

It all comes to me frozen solid.  And then I put it in a deep freeze at 0

With an alarm... so nice in an area where our electricity goes out fairly

BTW, I have an UPS on my computer.  That alarm is louder than the one on the
freezer.  I bought it to deal with data loss for my company... geeze, what a
nightmare that would be.  A few years ago we lost power for a week.  I could
live without a computer and I lost some of the contents of the freezer.   No
backup power on the whole house.

What's your recommendation on power backup for your freezers?

Del Williams

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