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I didn't ask the original question, but would comment on the ground.  I
would agree that the shelf life of commercial beef is shorter.  Grass fed
especially with a kelp supplement will maintain quality longer than feedlot

We have freezer alarms that alert us if any freezer exceeds 0 degrees F.
That gives us some margin with the Health Department requirement of 5
degrees F and assures safe meat.

Rick H.

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For optimum quality, you can keep beef frozen, at or below 0 degrees
Fahrenheit, for up to six months.  Some experts say you can keep beef for up
to 12 months, but I don't know for sure if it will retain the same quality.

What I've read doesn't specify the wrapping.  I believe that if you
double-wrap your beef, you should be able to keep the quality longer.  The
best way to package beef would be to vacuum pack it.  Then, I know, by
experience, that the quality will still be there one year from now.

I stumbled across Purdue University's page that talks about preserving all
kinds of meat.  Here's the URL:

Regarding that web page, the one thing with which I disagree is that they
give the same length of time for ground beef as they do for regular beef.
Other sites state that ground beef's keep time is about half of regular

Hope this helps!

Dave Lilligren
Sandstone, MN


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