[Market-farming] Selling of Meat in Minnesota - Part 2

Dave Lilligren dave at lilligren.com
Fri Jan 31 16:39:49 EST 2003

Dear Friends:

After further research, I wanted to amend my comments made on January 3rd
regarding the selling of meat in the state of Minnesota.

First, you only need to use a USDA-inspected facility if you are selling
across state lines.  If you sell within the state, you can get by with a
state-inspected facility.  For me, this greatly increases the number of
processors in my area that I can use.

Second, regarding the selling of meat across state lines, you can sell meat
processed at a state-inspected facility to folks from out of state, as long
as they come into Minnesota and purchase it there.  It is the place of
purchase that determines whether the meat must be USDA or state-inspected.
I can't, however, take meat from a state-inspected facility, and bring it
across state lines to sell.  That is the law in Wisconsin, as well, Rick.

I found this information at the website of the Northland Food & Farming
Initiative, which serves farmers in both northeastern Minnesota and
northwestern Wisconsin.  The regulations and information at that site
applies to both states.  Here's the URL for the meat processing info:

Take care,

Dave Lilligren
Sandstone, MN


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