[Market-farming] Frozen meat maximum holding time

Del Williams delannw at dlogue.net
Fri Jan 31 15:56:04 EST 2003

Geeze, I don't know the answer to your question but you're making me hungry.

Rib steak (bone in or out).  Tell ya what... if you find yourself with an
over supply of these steaks that you just can't move or justify freezing
anymore, ship me a few!

Maybe it's time I tried some of this grass fed beef.  I don't believe I have
ever tasted it.

Back to the original question... I have one... how long and at what
temperature can you keep lamb frozen and still expect it to be reasonably
good?  I still have 70 lbs of it left in the deep freeze and I am wondering
if I'm going to have to eat lamb twice a week to get through it before the
end of the summer.

I just couldn't resist buying one more 4-H lamb at fair time last summer.
With just the two of us, it's a lot of meat to get through in a year.

Del Williams

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