[Market-farming] DCFM and Meat Sales

Rick Williams mrfarm at frontiernet.net
Thu Jan 30 19:15:17 EST 2003

Barb Birkinbine wrote:
>>>>>As long as you are producing your own, have it processes at a licensed
and inspected facility, and have the means to keep it frozen or chilled to
meet regulations, I believe any of these markets allow the sale of meat.

La Crosse County, which is the largest population center in SW Wisconsin,
prohibits any meat or even eggs at any market in the county. Apparently,
this is local decision. Probably a vegan influence? Just kidding ... I

>>>>>DCFM has several meat vendors that I can think of .... Ostrich,
buffalo, beef, and fish are a few.
Providing something unusual and unique is always a hit.  Have you checked
into selling wholesale to Whole Foods or Magic Mill?  They both encourage
local organic farmers.

Although we are not strictly organic, we do sell to the local food coop. Our
prices are dramatically lower than the organic producers and are within
reach of average people, while the organic lamb, beef, etc. is quite high
since they take the normal organic price and have to mark up 1/3.

>>>>>Request the market regulations from each of the markets that you want
to attend so you can be sure that you qualify.
www.madfarmmkt.org has phone numbers for the market managers.
I would think that they would have the market managers numbers for the
Hilldale Market and others, too.


Thanks for the info. It is a huge commitment and would mean abandoning the
local market if we did switch from local food to longer distance sale which
I have to admit goes against our philosophy here at Misty Ridge Farm. If we
had to do it for survival, we would likely become pragmatic and compromise,
but at this time we have the luxury of not having to do that.

As time goes on, I would expect dozens of small grass-fed beef farms to
market in the area.


Rick Williams

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