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We have been using red, black, and clear, and we haven't seen any difference 
on weed pressure using any of these.  The problem with the plastic is the 
disposal part.  I really like it for getting crops to the market about 30 
days earlier on a normal year and an extra 30 days sales on most crops get 
you to the market a lot earlier lets you have a price advantage.  

Most of the time anymore the pinhookers are shipping in a couple of weeks 
ahead of the early crops so, the price edge is no advantage, but there are a 
lot of other advantages.  It really cut down on the labor to do the weeding 
and has really helped us with disease and blights.  The plastic hold the 
moisture in the ground a lot longer and as dry as we have been the crops with 
mulch did real well last year were as the row crops that had to be cultivated 
just dried up.

Have found a plastic product the corn assn. is working on that is degradable, 
hopefully I can get hold of some of their product to do a test with.  This 
would be a renewable product that can be produced right here in Iowa.

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