[Market-farming] child labor

Del Williams delannw at dlogue.net
Thu Jan 30 04:46:20 EST 2003

Leigh Hauter wrote:

"The question, again, is it the parents fault that they had their
children working on the farm?  Is this just the cost of 'doing'
farming?  Should we legislate work rules for children on farms?
Should we have regulations trying to make farm equipment safer?  How
do we deal with this real problem? Or should we?"

I think a good question to start with is:  Is a farm a business?

There are several very large and well known agricultural and horticultural
businesses near here.  The ones I am thinking of are family owned and family
run businesses.  Several children of the owners and their grown adult
children work at those businesses.  Those children are paid the going wage
and they are protected by OSHA rules, and other labor laws.  They receive a
paycheck... just like the other employees.

So, is a farm or business or is it something else?  And if else, then what
is it?

Del Williams
Farmer in the Del
Clifton IL

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