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She is paid a wage in more ways that you will ever understand, or we would never even need to have this conversation!

She has animals that she raises and sells (her money AFTER my expenses come out), she has flowers that she raises and sells (her money AFTER my expenses come out), she has spending money that she purchases things with, she has a bed, lots of toys, fresh healthy food (that she helped to raise/grow) and her favourite clothing and a roof over her head. She is taken to show her animals all across Canada and the US, sometimes with mom and dad sometimes just her and mom. All free of charge because she paid for it in advance by working on the family farm. She pays her way the same way I do, by working!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nobody gives me a pay check either! At least not in the sense that you are thinking!!! AND we both think that we should take some of daddy's money to live off as well because he is the only one who actually gets one of those pay checks!! Nobody pays me a wage any different than hers!!!

We both pay each other with all the love, hugs and kisses and time together that we can possibly get. Without this lifestyle she would probably be sitting in a mental ward!!! She is living a very productive life doing the things that make her happy. She is learning to care for those who need her help, she is learning to be responsible because if she doesn't it will hurt in her heart when an animal dies, she is learning to earn her money and manage it. Nothing in life comes free (even to a 7 year old). She is learning that even though she has a mental illness and numerous other problems, she can succeed and be better than many others in many things. She is learning to be the best her that is possible. She is learning that love comes in all shapes and sizes and that no matter what she will always be loved by someone (she is adopted). She is learning peace, with the world and with herself (she comes from violence).

She is learning that if she does the things that I need her to do, she can do the things that she wants to do (she is a Pow Wow dancer and we attend for her). She learns that things cost money and with her help I can afford to spend both  the money on her regalia supplies and find the time to make it. She learns the pride than one has went they grow their own food, when they raise their own pets, when they win with a self bred animal. She learns to make friends with in all walks of life, and to find creative and productive things to do with herself. She learn patients and money management skills. She learns to respect the land and animals as well as the people who help us to live our lives. 

The final product will be a child who knows that she is responsible for her actions and who will do something in life. She will have many interests and always know that she had a part in becoming this person. She will know that she is always loved and that no matter what her parents will help her out in a jam. She will always remember to help those who need her help that it will always come back to you when you least expect it. She will always take pride in who she is and what she does! And I hope that one day she will take all that her father, myself and our lifestyle have taught her and maybe become a doctor. I hope that she embers that so many people have never had the chance to live such a rich life and that she has something to share with them. I hope that she manages her mental illness and all her other early disadvantages in life and other disabilities to become a person who is there to help others improve their lives! She will learn all of this in the lifestyle that she has working side by side with me.

Yes she has a wage and we pay it every day all day and she is paid very well. We have very little money but we have a very rich life and one that she loves. When she complained about the slave labour I reminded her that they were her flowers that we were planting. I got paid with a laugh and told that maybe I was right and my daughter working by my side. She got paid with all the money she wanted to spend when she visited her friends at the Farmers Markets because she was clearly responsible enough to go and visit them and make her own purchases. She got to enjoy the pride she felt when people asked her if she grew this or if she could make them change or if they could help them select particular items. Oh and she made great tips, nobody gave me tips, but she got LOTS!!!! Maybe you should check out our web page to see how much she suffers with her child labour!!

Judi Corbett
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