[Market-farming] RE: making money from farming

Rick Williams mrfarm at frontiernet.net
Wed Jan 29 21:48:29 EST 2003

Carol Larsen wrote:
> While it is true that there is a waiting list to get into the Dane
> County Farmers Market ( Madison, WI), currently the waiting list is
> approx 3 years and when you're number comes up the vendor is restricted
> from selling July thru most of Sept the first year of vending. Right now
> there is no restrictions after that initial year. The market had to put
> the breaks on new membership early in the 1990's due to new vendor
> pressure and limited space at the market.

This doesn't sound as bad as we were told. I had heard that there were many
hundreds on the waiting list. Do you have any idea of the turnover? It would
seem that once you got in, you would not want to give it up unless you got
out of direct marketing.

It was around 10 or maybe 15? years ago when I first saw the market as I was
in Mad City due to my wife going to a training at the Wisconsin Center and
my daughter and I wandered around the campus a little bit and then headed
over to the Capitol. It was then that we saw all the vendors.

Based on your MHTC (Mount Horeb Telephone Company) address you might be
fairly close to the Capitol.


Rick Williams

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