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> Marc,
> tell me about your babies and how you wished to raise them to be good
> beings with a sense of self worth.

Wished. Heck I still got them. 9 months, three, six and eight years old.

Self worth?? Self esteem?? Narcissism is genetic. No need to teach that.
It's one of those things that even survive child abuse usually. Lots of
lefty types are full of self esteem and self worth.

I'd rather they have a good relationship with G_d and talk with G_d a lot.
If they feel safe talking with G_d then Marcy and I obviously have children
that feel safe about she and I. Happiness starts with respect for self and
others AND the totality of their male and female attributes G_d indicates
are a good idea. SEE: Ten Commandments. (Actually there're 19 of them

Anyway, our formula,,,

As you probably suspect, lots of  MTV, beatings - the usual. Works like a
charm. What I don't know Ozzie fills them in on.

A few other things...

Hugs, compliments, approval and, did I mention hugs?

Church, church programs, chores with Mom and Dad. Feed the birds and dogs
and cats.

Home school and plenty of contact with other kids. At the stores, in malls,
on playgrounds, the hardware store and especially at church.

Hand Dad and mom the tools, take out the trash and go to the dump with mom.

Go to the grocery store and haul water with mom. Bible study at home. Home

Lots of hugs, compliments and approval. Use eye contact to communicate love
and trust rather than domination and control.

Allow them to interrupt Dad when he's working or studying an show of how
they can tie their shoes by themselves.

Give them part of the garden to weed. Tell them what a good job they did
even though they missed half of the weeds. Finish that half when they aren't

Eat together at the dining room table. Home school. Talk about G_d.

Get them pets. Convince them it's a VERY good idea to feed their pets.

Convince them it's a good idea to take their pet to the vet for shots,
check-ups and deworming on a regular basis. Drive them since they have short

Lots of hugs, compliments and approval. Smile a lot and watch them smile

Let them help mom go get feed at the mill. Let them help the men at the mill
who let them think they're helping them.

Let them ride in the back of the pickup and flatbed in the pasture. Make
sure they don't bounce around too much.

Show them the safe and proper way to shoot weapons of minimum destruction.
(They are REEEEALLY IMPRESSED WITH THE 30-06 and the 12 gauge!!!!) The 22 is
less impressive so they prefer it.

Let them watch their baby brothers for short periods. Hold them responsible
for messes.

Let them get the mail and sometimes open some of it. Let them use the
shredder on junk mail. Teach them the proper wy to carry an axe, hatchet and

Lots of hugs, compliments and approval. Watch their reaction to avoid
frightening them when they are in trouble.

Teach them Grandma's and Grandpa's write more when they write them first.

Don't fracture their little skulls when they dig foxholes in the back yard
to ward off Godzilla. Just drown them in the fish tanks...slowly!

I Lied, darn list is getting long so I'll close.

Oh, did I mention lots of hugs, compliments and approval. At least every
hour or so. Daddy blesses babies before they go to bed every night.



OK. I lied. No Ozzie, MTV or beatings. I'll let you decide on the drownings.

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