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Well my daughter complained last summer about how I was running a slave operation making her plant the flowers that she planned to sell at the Farmers markets. (She was 6) As I tell her each time she is not interested in feeding her animals, or caring for them, etc.... " I can always sell them to someone who will look after them and than she won't have to!!"

I grew up on a family farm and yup there was LOTS of things I couldn't do because of the farm. There was also lots of things I chose not to do because of the farm! (I.e. I had shows to attend with my horse, stalls to clean ,etc because this often meant that I was NOT available for dates!!) OH WELL!!! 

My daughter would be running the streets, yes even at 7 if we lived in town. She is instead learning to be a responsible citizen. She started working here as soon as she could. Remember her walking along behind her father the first year picking the sticks out of the garden. Problem is he was planting the sticks!!! She would also be the little kid who would sneak in to steal the strawberries, but she was also expected to pick the ones for everyone to eat. 

Yup child labour needs to be controlled. Those kids are just out there causing so much trouble. Maybe the need to see that these are the kids that are growing up to be responsible, hey I never had time or energy to get into trouble. These so called 'experts' feel that it is safer for our children to grow up with out learning the skills etc, so they can die running the streets or live off the system when they become adults? NOPE my kid will face child labour. Like me she has already learned how to care for living things, how to earn her own money, how to spend it, the Farmers markets are part of her homeschooling classroom and her pets are some of her best friends!!!

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