[Market-farming] Chicken eggs

marc marc at aculink.net
Wed Jan 29 18:17:23 EST 2003

Yes. In our State selling to a retail outlet requires inspection BUT it's no
where near as bad as meat inspection and the facilities you must have are
also less expensive. (Sorry, I forgot the facilities thing because it's so
much less stringent than a meat facility that it's almost trivial.)

We had the inspector out for the initial visit and he was super
knowledgeable and helpful with advice at getting us set up.

One option in some locales is an already inspected kitchen that the State
might approve for the washing and other tasks you could rent or use from a
church or something.?

Our State does not want it to be the kitchen of your house but you must
check it out with your state. They may say it's OK but I doubt it. For all I
know some states may require a full blown meat style processing facility.
Only the State knows.


> what do you have to do to sell to a supermarket? Do
> your eggs have to be inspected?

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