[Market-farming] child labor

marc marc at aculink.net
Wed Jan 29 18:09:44 EST 2003

Good idea Del,

I can then charge for rent, food, utilities, car rental, insurance, medical
expenses, Christmas presents, tires, car repairs, tuition, books, clothes,
computers, software, videos, games, abortions, birth control, prescriptions,
glasses, carnival rides, pet care, bicycles, ski lessons, lift tickets,
movie tickets, McDonalds, tools, tire chains,  etc..

Yessiree bob. Yup. Outstanding idea.


P.S. Damn Del!!  How did you get them to be so quiet and obedient??

>Because they aren't viewed as legitimate persons who have a right to say
>much of anything.  They just follow instructions.

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> See, that's the thing.  If children are actually being used as labor to
> produce income, then why in the hell aren't they paid directly?  Why do
> have no say in how the fruits of their labor are used?  Because it's a
> family business?

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