[Market-farming] child labor

Ed Clifford hmdrawrod at citlink.net
Wed Jan 29 15:20:40 EST 2003

       You're serious? House to house inspections, to root out evil parents,
"If it saves just one life". Why not just remove children from homes at 6
and "educate them properly" then send them to government service. The
parents after all are vessels to produce commodities. Who are these so
called " millions of highly trained teachers and social scientists". Maybe
you know where they are hidden, and you could get them to replace the
incompetence that is in most school systems.
   That said your "social experiment" hardly belongs on the "Market Farming"
forum, try the Fascist or Marxist forum. Perhaps there is more opportunity
here, YOU could decide the breeders amongst us and declare who can reproduce
and who can't. If you'd like e-mail me off list and discuss. I'm curious how
you came to these observations.

                                          Ed Clifford
                                      Shale Rock Farm


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