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marc marc at aculink.net
Wed Jan 29 14:14:27 EST 2003

> Yup, I've seen some of the press on dangers to children who assist in
> farming.  There are dangers and don't we all know it?  Operating heavy
> equipment.. that can flip over, catch on fire, etc.  Working around
> chemicals.  Grain bins.  Working around large livestock.  Etc.
> Even adults who are experienced at farming have accidents and are killed.
> While I hate to see this sort of thing sensationalized, it isn't an
> unreasonable concern.  Child labor issues do come up in 'home based'
> businesses such as farming.  Why should farmers be exempt from child labor
> guidelines?
> Del Williams

I agree. Just because a person can conceive does not make them a parent. I
think the notion of ever increasing the protections available to children
and people is a thing who's time has come. The folks who subscribe it to
nurturing gone wild are coming from a primitive perspective. We have a
responsibility as enlightened modern people to leave the disproven old
things of the past behind. They were great in their day but we know better
now. Let the old ways go and move on to better ways.

We now know all accidents are preventable as trial lawyers in liability
cases have so readily proven time and time again. Over 80% of cases tried
are for the plaintiff. It's not trial lawyers but it's greedy careless
businessmen and other so-called professionals playing careless with people.

Many of the so-called "protections" conceived under the constitution are
nonsense today as they were really covers or shields to protect the abusive
landowners and businessmen from supervisory oversight. We know how these
people are so it's natural they would participate in codifying protection
into our founding laws. They considered "accidents" and "acts of god" as
excuses for their negligent or risk-taking behaviors abusive to the general

But where does this phenomena come from??  How do we end it??

Simply put, these bogus heroes of society did not have any idea of the
advances physical, agricultural and social science would take. They did not
have a clue about how much knowledge the scientists would generate and the
incredible gap that would appear from the average citizen on the street and
these unusual and special folks who dedicated their lives to their studies.

Here's the simple secret!! That gap between us and the social, political and
agricultural scientists would close the abusers' ability to hurt us if we
just give them a chance to implement the scientifically-proven studies and
recommendations. Unfortunately, folks have a hard time letting go of the old
ways even when they are harmful.

It's simple. Childhood slavery should be abolished as we now know enough to
realize that is the root of the ancient "family values" thing when the
family unit was the basic government unit of a society. Children should NOT
be allowed to have some untrained person with primitive social mentality
pollute them with various social ideas based on some nonexistent god or some
old primitive constitution or some blindly-held unproven beliefs. They were
fine in their days when we were too cheap to invest in the best so we put up
with the cheapo economic advantages of a pseudo-government "family unit" BUT
since we have learned so much let's free these children to be what they
SHOULD be. We have enough knowledge and money to do this nowadays. Of course
some of these will be hidden around in the more remote regions but we can
find them and free the children.

We have millions of highly trained teachers and social scientists that could
visit homes, tutor parents in the scientifically-proven correct ways of
modern discoveries and theories and test and evaluate the adults and
children living in a interdepenent mixed age unit. That's right - let's get
rid of the old ancient government unit of parents and children and let all
be coequal citizens. Reasonable adults naturally are  willing to teach the
correct things to their younger citizens and they in turn are eager to learn
the correct ways.

Here in Colorado the fascists had to have special legislation passed to
protect farmers, farming families and the children from the Child Protection
heroes in Social Service. The SS were having to perform the unpleasant but
necessary tasks of filing neglect and endangerment charges, jailing the
abusive parents and breaking up dangerous antiquated "family units" here in
Colorado when a child was abused on a farm. Significant reprogramming is
necessary for these unfortunate children so they may realize what neglect
and abuse has been theirs to bear by their trusted parents allowing them to
participate in such unconscionable environments and activities.

In fact their parents would allow them to mount horses and bulls that were
uncertified for child riding by qualified or licensed personnel in dangerous
activities such as "Bronco and Bull" riding. This also was animal abusive as
this was a severe violation of the animals' rights to only be used in a
manner the animal approved of. Those abusers even perverted their children
into killing sentient feeling animals and eating their  meat!

I think it's high time we fully embrace the tremendous amount of consumer,
child, labor and animal protection knowledge available and implement it with
classes, tutoring and enforcement inspections and evaluations.

If it saves just ONE life.....

Marc Nameth

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