[Market-farming] child labor

Michaele Blakely mjb at premier1.net
Wed Jan 29 13:43:54 EST 2003

I remember one day a few years back when because of circumstances it was
myself and my youngest son harvesting.  I was so focused that I barely
noticed the hours going by.  About dusk my son told me (who was 14 at the
time) he just had to stop.  I REALLY looked at him and realized that he had
put in a 14 hour day with a short break to eat mid day, without one

Childhood in this country is a priviliged and special thing and I want as
many children as possible to experience it.  My son's childhood is almost
over and while I want him responsible and he needs to work to afford his
"lifestyle" I want him to have time to just while away, socialize and play.

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