[Market-farming] RE: making money from farming

Carol Larsen sunborn at mhtc.net
Wed Jan 29 09:40:24 EST 2003

While it is true that there is a waiting list to get into the Dane
County Farmers Market ( Madison, WI), currently the waiting list is
approx 3 years and when you're number comes up the vendor is restricted
from selling July thru most of Sept the first year of vending. Right now
there is no restrictions after that initial year. The market had to put
the breaks on new membership early in the 1990's due to new vendor
pressure and limited space at the market. 
This market has never selected for a 'good mix' of products as some
other markets but they are religiously strict about no reselling which,
I think has helped make the market the success it is.

Sounds like the 'reselling' markets may need education and change. One
of the reasons some markets allowed reselling might have been because of
a dearth of real local growers when they started whereas that situation
is self-fulfilling now. I know that growing, marketing, traveling,
vending, etc leave very little time and energy to change things but... 

Carol Larsen
Sunborn Gardens

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