[Market-farming] OT Thought Provoking (or maybe justprovoking:)

Rick Williams mrfarm at frontiernet.net
Tue Jan 28 20:24:37 EST 2003

Jill Taylor Bussiere wrote:

>     I didn't take offense at your statement about the cost of living
> longer - as it is a reality.
>     I do find your blind characterization of the left sort of
> ironic, since
> there is a richness of viewpoints that people have whatever their
> political
> bent.

I mostly criticize those who go too far from the center. Since most of the
rather sharp comments toward my views have been from those on the left to
the extreme left, I concentrated more on those folks.

Remember, I am the guy who has personal experience with far right wing
fanatics with the attack on me by the John Birch Society back in the late
60's when I got my first teaching job. At the time I was characterized as a
"known subversive and local agitator." You do not forget things like that:)

>    I see some elements of the right in a similar way - wanting power over
> all that belongs to us collectively - wanting to decide what women can do
> with their bodies, wanting to decide what is art and what is offensive,
> wanting power over others by making money=free speech, wanting power over
> workers, etc.  -  some seem to want all of the freedoms and none of the
> responsibilities.

The right wing that separates from the Libertarians, is very fascist
oriented. But the true right would be those who value increasing freedom by
the individual with responsibility. The current President Bush is more
oriented toward the control side of the right even though he has libertarian
views as well in terms of reducing taxes and getting the government off our
backs kind of thing. Remember the ergonomic rules?

The left wants to do the opposite and restrict freedoms under the guise of
protecting people and they do it with government control and particularly in
destroying the society with redistributing money from the haves to the have
nots, thereby insuring a constantly increasing number of the have-nots, and
an increasing number of those supporting their political power. Thankfully,
some of that has been turned around, but as a Libertarian recently remarked
on Wisc. Public Radio, "you people have no clue as how much cutting we are
talking about in terms of government."

> I do want to suggest that it is not helpful to put people in boxes too
> firmly, as it doesn't allow for a very good dialogue, which is
> necessary for
> democracy, and to understand the depth of issues.

My view on this is that those who are uncomfortable with being labeled, need
to step back and find out why others view them that way. And if they are
being unfairly labeled, they need to let it be known.

> There are all sorts of
> things that I agree with with my Republican friends, and some that I
> disagree with.  Many of them, like you, can not acknowledge corporate
> welfare. They can only see government control when it is for the
> benefit of
> the greater good.

You are mischaracterizing my views completely with the above statement. When
I discuss corporate welfare, I am mostly the messenger and remind people why
we have it. Not that I necessarily support it. We do need some government
control, but the degree is in the eye of the beholder.


Rick W.

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