[Market-farming] Duck eggs

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Since we do not boil them, we don't view them as processed - just stored in
salt for a while.  At this point, we only sell to acquaintances, and haven't
been selling to stores or advertising publicly, so the issue hasn't come up.

What thinkest thou?


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I understand that Vietnamese restaturants are also good prospective
customers for duck eggs and they are supposed to be superior to hen's
eggs for baking.
>We have found a niche market of
> Filipinos who loved salted duck eggs.  We sell the eggs for 50 cents
> (which translates into $6 a dozen).

If you sell them brined are these considered "processed" and are
subject to health department and FDA regulations?
>We usually soak the eggs for about 30
> to 40 days in salt brine.


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