[Market-farming] OT Thought Provoking and Has Fish

marc marc at aculink.net
Tue Jan 28 15:24:56 EST 2003

> You Americans have the goofiest understanding of "leftwing" politics one
> heard.  I don't think anyone would refer to the current Bush
> as "left" but they are the most thorough-going control freaks you can

Being a control freak has nothing to do with political affilitation Both
lefties and righties ave their share - unfortunately. So what is the
behavior you have based your judgement of "control freaks" on?

> Since World War II Canada has had numerous provincial governments that
> indentify themselves as "democratic socialist" (New Democratic Party).
> These governments were not very socialist but they all consistently
> increased the freedoms of choice for the lower economic groups.

How did they increase those "choices"?? What was the technique?? What are
those "choices" you refer to??

> Of course I
> realize that is not the goal of the global corporatists now in the US
> driver's seat.

Since you seem to have specific knowledge of sufficient weight to pass
judgement please share what their goal is.

Marc Nameth


Getting ready to fire up our newest aquaculture tank. Marcy, my wife,
designed, acquired the parts and built it herself. What a babe!! Four years
ago she was a legal weenie for a fortune 500 corporation and now a proud and
resourceful farmer, fish and chicken rancher.

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