[Market-farming] ducks & eggs

Nan Johnson nan at olemiss.edu
Tue Jan 28 14:37:22 EST 2003

I raised Khaki Campbells and Indian Runners (all females)- without a pond - for two years.  They are amazing egg layers - they did not miss a SINGLE DAY during our Mississippi winter the first year (might if they got colder & of course as they got older).   

These ducks actually laid their eggs by 8 a.m., so if I waited until that time to let them out into pasture, I always found the eggs.  They came home everynight just like the chickens.

They are both GREAT foragers, and got along quite well with kiddie pools for bathing (and separate buckets for drinking and dunking food).

They were so much fun, and I had the added satisfaction of knowing that I was encouraging genetic diversity as both are on the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy "watch" list (that's the last step before getting on the "rare" list)......

I got mine from Murray McMurray and had 0% mortality in shipping, etc.

dancing goats farm
n. mississippi, zone 7 b
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