[Market-farming] OT Thought Provoking (or maybe justprovoking:)

marc marc at aculink.net
Tue Jan 28 12:24:48 EST 2003

I was being somewhat tongue-in-cheek....

I'm wondering if Rick was tongue-in-cheek, bitter or honestly meant what he

The market farmers I know make an excellent living - especially in the
Boulder and Ft. Collins (college towns), CO areas.

The little farms are clean, well planned and very efficiently run. It's a
pleasure to do a drive-by camera shooting.

At the markets the attitudes are professional and appearance well kempt.
Friendly but no-nonsense but not brusque. Kids help the parents and add
youthful enthusiasm and excitement to the process. It's a kick to see a
TOTALLY serious 6 year old looking a skeptical adult in the eye giving
assurance the veggie he's trying to hawk he picked himself and he doesn't
use pesticides.

Attractive displays and good looking produce. Well organized sales
procedures. Lots of credit cards accepted. Some have cell phones connected
to check and credit card approval machines and allow the customer to write a
check over the purchase price.

I guess if it works for Wal-Mart and 7-11 it works for John and Mary Doe at
their market farm booth.

It seems to me the standard, boring, usual, ho-hum behaviors that seem to be
stereotype for successful good workers and owners alike are prevalent with
the folks with the nice pickups and clean little attractive farms with rows
of cool looking plants.

Marc Nameth


> Marc,
> I was questioning the idea of farming without a profit goal.
> Rick W wrote:  "I can not imagine anyone going into market farming for the
> money."

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