[Market-farming] OT Thought Provoking (or maybe justprovoking:)

Del Williams delannw at dlogue.net
Tue Jan 28 11:48:23 EST 2003


I was questioning the idea of farming without a profit goal.

Rick W wrote:  "I can not imagine anyone going into market farming for the

While I can relate on a certain level about the idea of doing what you love,
hoping enough money will follow is kind of naive.  Enough of a profit is
still there to make living possible otherwise you'd be filing for
bankruptcy, welfare or something of the sort.

I don't have a six figure income.  Wish I did.  What I know is that such an
income comes with its own price.  For me to make that kind of money in my
line of work would require being on the road 4/5 days a week.  I'd never be
able to garden much less run a market farming business.  I wouldn't have
much of a life at all working like that.

I don't believe that anyone who is running a small farm is doing it with the
idea that profitability isn't important.

Well, I suppose this thread has turned into several sub-topics.

Anyone want to discuss the legality of limiting competition at a farmers
market?  Didn't  Indiana just get nailed for limiting out of state
competition within Indiana?  Is it Ohio that does not allow out-of-state
growers to sell at their farmers' markets?

Outside of space limitations, is it legal for a government sponsored farmers
market to limit entrance into the market?

Del Williams
Farmer in the Del
Clifton, IL

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