[Market-farming] OT Thought Provoking (or maybe justprovoking:)

marc marc at aculink.net
Tue Jan 28 11:24:55 EST 2003

Nope. The plethora of "not-for-profit" organizations that have emerged over
the years with executives making over six figures indicates that these
"hobbies" are anything but "semi-charmed." Perhaps fully charmed?

Of course when we spend more on pets in this country than the GNP of most of
the worlds country combined we have a fully charmed situation. The small
farm can do very well pursuing niche situations and reacting to fill those
"fads" quickly then moving on to catch the next fad. Sometimes you can sell,
sometimes you can follow and usually it's a mix of the two.

> It must be a pretty semi-charmed life to start a business without a profit
> motive.

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