[Market-farming] Re: Soil blockers

Miranda Smith miranda at tagoresmith.com
Tue Jan 28 08:21:29 EST 2003

I've used soil blockers for years--the mini's and the 2" size that you
set the mini's into. As far as I am concerned, they are the absolutely
best way to start brassicas, lettuce, and quickly-germnating annuals.
I do not like them for anyting in the solanaceous family or for
anything that takes awhile to germinate.

I have not used the large blockers although I know people who do--I'd
rather use a 3- or 4-inch plastic pot for plants that I want to grow
to that size.

My trick with the mini's is to set them on the styrofoam trays (placed
in flats for convenience) that grocery stores pack meat onto. You can
usually buy some trays, either white or black, from your local store.
The tray allows you to bottom-water the mini's, saving you all that
misting time.

Miranda Smith

We are seriously considering using soil blockers for the first time
this year.  I was wondering if anybody on the list was using them
and if so, which one or ones do you use and where's the best place to
get the best price?

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