[Market-farming] OT Thought Provoking (or maybe just provoking:)

marc marc at aculink.net
Mon Jan 27 23:38:45 EST 2003

The left is well known for narcissism one expects from those frozen in
adolescent idealistic arrogance. The left has historically claimed to have
the social engineering answer to societies problems.   In fact the left
plays with peoples lives like expendable toys in a grand social experiment
designed by arrogant elitist demi-gods of the left. The outcome of the
demi-gods experiment is the re-engineering of the political and social
fabric into an elitist ruling class catering to childlike adults who claim
victimization or just make demands for votes. Of course one has to pursue
knee jerk disenfranchisement of those who do not fit into an approved lefty
category such as Rick.

The undiscovered facts of social behaviors, mysteries of the universe and
general knowledge make clear the arrogance of ignorance these elitist
teenagers in adult bodies posses.  I fear them as their lefty brethren in
Russia displayed the same vigorous disenfranchisement mentality. That
mentality resulted in the lefty sponsored murder of millions of their own
politically incorrect citizens and the use of  state sponsored concentration
camps. Walls and other barriers had to be built to deny freedom loving
people their pursuit of happiness as a good lefty will sacrifice for the
state or -- "the system".



to get a slight understanding of how the left uses noble sounding language
patterns to disenfranchise those who express appropriate, normal and natural
revulsion of incredibly bankrupt and sadistic social behaviors.

Give me a nasty old exploitative capitalist any day. As we run out of oil
we'll turn to alcohol and put farmers back to work growing it. The faster
the better.

Marc Nameth

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"Do not denigrate others. That is typical left wing thinking. Always putting
down "other people."

That is a false characterization of the left.   It is an accurate
characterization of narcissists.  I believe there are a few of those on the
right and the left... eh?

Del Williams
Farmer in the Del
Clifton, IL

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