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> Runners are heavy layers and Muscovies do well also.
> We use runners.
We use khaki campbells.  During the winter they are out roaming everywhere
along with the chickens.  We have a pond and stream that they frequent and
are very happy campers during this time.  When it comes time to plant  the
fields the chickens and ducks go back into confinement.  They have a pasture
that is about an acre.  That area has a part time pond so the ducks still
get water.  During the heavy growing season the water disappears and I don't
have the time to keep up with keeping clean water for both ducks and
chickens, and we have a lot of them so it really would be a full time job.
The ducks have adapted to this schedule and don't seem too uncomfortable
without water for a part of the year.  We are in an area that gets quite a
bit of rain even in the summer months so they get to wet down often, and
their waterer is large enough for them to dunk bills and head to clean.
That does get cleaned daily.

I got into having ducks because of our terrible slug problem.  I don't think
of them for eggs, but I sell every dozen I bring to market and probably
could increase considerably and have no trouble selling all I brought in.
The main problem for me with ducks and eggs is that they don't lay in the
same place everyday unless they are getting ready to nest.  I just don't
have the time to search out their eggs and guarantee they are fresh and the
ducks are more important to me as slug patrol than egg production so I don't
confine them unless I absolutely have to.

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