[Market-farming] soil blockers

Michaele Blakely mjb at premier1.net
Mon Jan 27 22:34:42 EST 2003

I have used soil blocks for over ten years now, and wouldn't use anything
else, although every spring I think longingly of not making them.  I place
them in square flats then place the flats on slats over heating mats.  The
starts are airpruned on sides and bottoms.  Makes for a great root structure
and I can have starts much longer in the blocks than I would otherwise in

I soak the flats in an old shower bottom.  This is a lot more labor
intensive, but again the benefits outweigh the time.  I use a diluted
fertilizer when I do this.  Usually I need water but once a week, maybe
twice if it's very hot.

As I said before, every spring I think about not doing things this way,
because we go tthrough a lot of starts during the year, but I just can't
give up those starts that are so fantastic.

I don't remember where I got my block presses, but if I were replacing them
I would go with the smaller sized one.  It's 13/4 " I think rather than the
2" block I have.  I have one that makes 3/4" blocks which is rather useless
I think.  I do not have a 4" because with the air pruning I can keep plants
much longer in the 2" and do not need to pot up..

Growing Things
Carnation Wa
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> Something I've always wondered re: soil blocks -- aren't they a lot more
> work to keep watered?  And how do you water them without the blocks
> crumbling under water pressure -- do you need to have misters on timers?
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