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Runners are heavy layers and Muscovies do well also.

We use runners.

Ducks are serious poop machines. We learned to move ours around with
moveable electric fences and homemade predator resistant cages. We build our
own cage. We get ours from:

Maggie Gingras
Compass Mountain Farm
Compass Fencing & Grazing Systems
Suttons Bay, MI
E-Mail is gingrasj at corecomm.net.
Phone 800-968-1778.

They are professional farmers and have LOTS of experience with this type of

I'm sure there are other dealers as well.

Ducks use water to wash their faces, clear out their nostrils and I swear it
stimulates poop production. Perhaps it's my imagination about the poop thing
but they certainly do get dirty over the day.

Water needs changing often. We use multiple low children's ponds and are
known to change the water a couple of times per day. Keeps the ducks clean
and they really perk up a bath. We do not rely on the kiddy pools for
drinking water but use regular waterers since they have more trouble messing
them up. They still get messy since the ducks like to dunk their food. It's
a hassle but the waterers MUST be well maintained.

A pond is useless as it is a nice place to poop and foul up unless it is
HUGE or can have running water through it. If you have lots of ducks it can
be a pollution issue with downstream neighbors and the Health Department.
Basically it works like this...ducks poop...bacteria converts poop...ducks
poop...bacteria converts poop...etc. The pond can be viewed as a type of
sewage lagoon BUT it is the lowest density sewage conversion system around
so it needs to be big if you are going to convert duck sewage.

I think ducks eat a pound and poop two. It amazes me.

Marc Nameth

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> I was wondering if anyone has marketed ducks or duck eggs and has been
> successful?
> What breed did you use?
> Did you house them like chickens?
> Do they need a pond?
> or any suggested resource would be fine as well.
> Thank you
> Amy

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